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Oral Health

6th March 2024 10:30 - 12:30
1 Day
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Oral diseases include tooth decay, gum disease and cancers. Oral diseases pose a major, National Health burden and will affect people throughout their lifetime leading to pain, discomfort, and infection. Days may also be missed from work due to oral ill health and will impact the overall well-being of an individual.

Poor oral hygiene has long term consequences on the mouth, mind, and body and can cause low self-esteem, social isolation and will impact other systemic conditions. The health of the mouth will be affected by lifestyle choices, deprivation and socio-economic factors and an individuals age and ability to care for their own mouth will also impact the risk of poor oral health.

Oral health and care of the mouth is a life skill that will have long term effects on a person’s whole-body health and wellbeing.

This session will equip attendees with the knowledge to keep their own mouth healthy and offer advice to service users who may have problems with oral health and care. Living with Covid has caused many people to miss routine dental appointments or being able to find an NHS dentist ,adding to some taking drastic actions to reduce dental pain and it emphasises the importance of taking care of the mouth for every one of us  

Learning outcomes from the session will include increased knowledge and awareness of:

  • Why having a healthy mouth is important for whole body well-being
  • Why complications occur in the mouth – dental diseases
  • Behavioural habits and personal lifestyle choices that impact the health of the mouth
  • Oral health as a common risk factor to general health and well-being
  • Enhanced need for oral health
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